Low maintenance, stunning hair colour…

Balayage is one of the most popular hair colouring techniques due to it’s low maintenance, stunning result. Whether you’re after soft, natural highlights or a striking, rich colour, balayage is an excellent option for those who don’t have the time or budget to be revisiting the salon every few weeks for a root touch-up.

Since its inception in the 1970s, no other colouring technique has enjoyed the same longevity and praise as this sought-after colouring method.

In fact, it might just be the only beauty technique that is universally as loved by French women as by their American counterparts. It’s little wonder it’s the preferred colour treatment of both royal ladies Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

So just what is balayage? Is it a process of hair dying or is it more to do with highlighting what’s already there? Above all, is it worth all the hype? Let’s delve a little deeper…

So, what exactly is balayage?

Forget everything you’ve heard before about highlighting your hair. Sitting alongside a timer as strips of foil bedeck your head? So 2000s. If thick stripes of garish blonde highlights were the look of the last decade, consider balayage the millennial saviour.

Balayage literally means ‘to sweep’ in French. Essentially, colour is applied to individual strands of hair by using a freehand technique. Unlike traditional foil strips, the colour is manually painted on – meaning no nasty surprises once the strips are eventually removed.

What you’re left with is a mane of beautifully soft colour with a natural glow. Of course, you can also opt to place colours on top of balayage – hello vibrant, punchy coloured ends which blend seamlessly into your hair!

Steal the celebrity look!


Balayage is loved by women all over the world, including an endless list of celebrities. Opt for effortless, lived-in blonde like Sofia Jamora, a bright, creamy blonde like Chrissy Teigen for a show-stopping glamorous look, or add beautiful dimension to dark brunette hair like Lily Aldridge.

Feel free to bring pictures of your celebrity inspo to your balayage appointment at Enhance Styling!

How is it different to regular highlights?

So what makes balayage so different to regular highlights? Think of balayage as the ‘less is more’ approach to hair colour – a low-maintenance colouring solution that will eventually grow out with your hair.

Balayage is a lot gentler and less obvious than traditional highlights – especially during the tricky regrowth stage. You won’t find any solid telltale lines separating the new growth from the dyed strands. You’ll be guaranteed beautiful sunkissed strands that start out more noticeable and become more lived-in as the season progresses.

And, unlike regular highlights, with balayage, the upkeep is totally up to you! Have your hair re-coloured or simply let the balayage colour grow out on its own – the choice is yours.

Similarly, balayage colour is vastly different to the ombré technique too. While balayage aims to paint on colour, the word ‘ombré’ means to shadow. Yes, the aim with ombré might be to create a seamless blend from one colour to another, but there is still a noticeable division of colour. Balayage aims for a more lived-in natural look

Your custom-made colour.

At Enhance Styling, we appreciate that everyone has unique wants and needs when it comes to our hair. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your colour for your upcoming wedding? Or perhaps it’s simply the change of season inspiring your colour shift. Balayage is the perfect choice for hardly-noticeable colour that packs a powerful punch.

It works hand in hand with whatever haircut or natural hair texture you have. And yes, it works on all textures of hair!

The same goes for the length of hair. Any haircut – from a pixie cut to flowing back-grazing lengths – can be treated to a balayage colouring. We will apply the colour so that whatever cut you have flows naturally.

Our team of professional and artistic senior stylists will be able to craft and create a uniquely bespoke blend of tones to enhance the colour of your hair. Best of all, as it’s hand-painted, we will work alongside you to choose the placement of the colour to bring out your skin’s tone and complexion.

It really is magic!

Not only is balayage beautiful and low-maintenance, it can actually make your hair appear thicker and more voluminous!

Strands of hair are naturally thicker at the root and become finer towards the tip. The great thing about balayage is that by painting the colour thinner at the roots and thicker as you move downwards, it cleverly tricks the eye.

With balayage, you never really see where the colour dye ends and the natural colour begins. Simply genius!

Interested? Try it for yourself!

Want to experience the beauty of balayage for yourself? Contact the friendly team at Enhance Styling and we’ll work with you to create your perfect balayage!

Balayage starts at $200. Your stylist will provide you with a complimentary consultation and quote before commencing the service.

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